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Manipulating vampire bats’ social relationships: not so easy

In my opinion, reciprocity in vampire bats has not been demonstrated unambiguously. This is because all the evidence to date has really been correlational. My singular obsession recently had been trying to setup and perform the “perfect” reciprocity test in … Continue reading

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Vampire bats regurgitating food to the wrong individual

Bats often roost in absolute darkness and must recognize others through sound and smell. After watching many, many hours of infrared footage of vampire bat food sharing, I’ve noticed that my vampire bats sometimes appear to make brief mistakes by … Continue reading

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Researchers, post your work online

I just submitted an invited review of the evidence of reciprocity in vampire bat food sharing. This allowed me to get out a bunch of data from unpublished studies, most of which were negative results from groups of vampire bats that did … Continue reading

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Chest gland of male greater spear-nosed bat (Phyllostomus hastatus)

Unfortunately, it’s slightly out of focus. Graduate student Danielle Adams shows off the chest gland of a male greater spear-nosed bat.

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The story of “How I almost died in Trinidad”

A reporter from the Trinidadian press contacted me for this story. I feel like I have told it too many times. Hopefully, this will be the last time, and now I can just refer people to this blog post! First … Continue reading

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