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Foraging big brown bats use social calls to ward off competitors

Genni Wright has been studying social calls by flying big brown bats. She found that males produce distinct calls when foraging for food, and that they use these social calls to ward off competitors and claim aerial insects. Prey defense … Continue reading

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More on evolutionary psychology and morality

I have been reading work by the evolutionary psychologists Peter Descioli and Robert Kurzban. Kurzban gave a great talk I saw last week at a conference proposing that the reason people have Kantian rule-based systems of morals is because morality serves as … Continue reading

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Live Vampire Bat webcam at Organization for Bat Conservation website

 Click on image to view Live at Organization for Bat Conservation Live at Dropcam Past clips

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Conference on Evolution of Morality: why do people condemn others?

Last month, I moved my vampire bats to the Organization for Bat Conservation in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I’m now working on a group of more than 30 bats. I recently attended a small conference on The Evolution of Morality at … Continue reading

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