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You can’t help me or you won’t? What kinds of “cheats” should a food-sharing bat care about?

In response to a talk I gave at the bat meetings, some people saw a problem in the experimental design of my partner choice tests, because I had a condition where a bat can’t reciprocate, but not a condition where … Continue reading

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Updates: a conference talk, an outreach talk, and an article (and soon… results)

Did you know that Oct 26–Nov 1 is National Bat Week? October 23. Bat Meetings in Albany, NY. My 15-min talk is “Complex Cooperation: Food Sharing in Vampire Bats is Not Simply “Tit For  Tat” October 30. Public outreach event at … Continue reading

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Group selection and adaptation in social spiders: an entangled web (y’see what I did there? clever wordplay)

Why biologists say group selection is wrong, but it’s not, but it is… kinda. Whenever I talk about vampire bat food sharing to a public audience, someone will inevitably say something like, “Wow! It’s amazing that vampire bats will feed each other to … Continue reading

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