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Names of farmers and ranchers in Panama

I need names and addresses of farmers and ranchers in Panama that have seen vampire bat bites on their animals! If you or anyone you know has information, please email me or call me at 68293025 (Panama). The urgency is … Continue reading

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A suggested reading list

I just gave a talk on vampire bat cooperation, and someone asked me for a reading list to introduce them to the topics I talked about (cooperation, reciprocity, social bonds, etc). So here it is (real quick, no time to … Continue reading

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How bats respond to distress calls: mobbing? Or predator inspection?

New paper came out on responses of a tropical free-tailed bat to distress calls. The title is Distress Calls of a Fast-Flying Bat (Molossus molossus) Provoke Inspection Flights but Not Cooperative Mobbing. Here’s the story behind the paper. A year … Continue reading

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Fixes to problems in science: 3 happening now, 3 unlikely to happen soon

I recently wrote about how both the incentive structures for academics and publishers can create problems for science. I posted it to twitter. I did not truly understand twitter until that day.  Visits to the post grew exponentially up to >8,000 visitors … Continue reading

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