STRI Behavior Discussion Group

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Behavior Discussion Group meets every other Tuesday from 2-3pm in the Large Meeting Room at Tupper. Questions? Email: Gerry Carter (ggc.bats at gmail) and Paola Galgani (GalganiP at

The informal Gamboa Behavior Discussion Group (*) meets every other Monday at 3-4 pm in the Gamboa Lab Building conference room (next to front desk).

*April 24 Gamboa: Hannah Marti, Social memory in leaf-cutter ants

May 2 Tupper: Gerald Carter, Reciprocity, social bonds, and social bet-hedging

May 16 Tupper: Laura Southcott, Mutual mate choice in a Heliconius butterfly species pair

May 30 Tupper: Leonie Baier, Can sound paint a picture? Studying perception with behaviour

Jun 13

June 19 Gamboa: Rachel Crisp, Social rank in female vampire bats

Jul 4 Claudio Monteza, White-faced monkeys in Coiba National Park

Jul 18

Aug 1

Aug 15 Sebastian Stockmaier, Sickness behavior and social grooming in vampire bats

Aug 29

Sep 12

Oct 3

Nov 7

Nov 14