Gerry Carter (CV)
I started the lab in 2018. I’m interested in the evolution and ecology of cooperation, communication, and cognition. Currently, I am studying how new cooperative relationships develop. Most of my research has focused on bats because my familiarity with them helps me develop plausible and testable hypotheses. I’m also interested in improving incentive structures in science. 


Simon Ripperger (website)
I have been a Postdoc in Gerry’s lab since May 2019. I am interested in both the application and the advancement of novel biologging technologies for studying animal behavior. My main focus is on proximity sensing in free-ranging bats, i.e. remotely documenting social networks at high spatial and temporal resolution. We use these data to study phenomena such as social information transfer, temporal dynamics of social relationships, or social foraging. I love fieldwork and the idea of open science, and I am very dedicated to science outreach.

Grad students

Bridget Brown (CV)
I am a PhD student in the Carter Lab, starting in Autumn 2020. My MSc research (2018-2020), focused on whether bats use cues from guano and urine to locate roosts. Ultimately, I am interested in how animal behavior is impacted by humans, through processes like urbanization, and how research can inform policies to mitigate these impacts. 

Theresa Chen
I am a PhD student studying the relationship between scent cues and helping behavior in rats in collaboration with Michael Taborsky at University of Bern.

Imran Razik (website)
I joined the Carter Lab as a PhD student in 2018 after completing my undergraduate degree in Zoology at SUNY Oswego. I’m largely interested in the behavioral ecology of mammals, and more specifically, bats. For my dissertation, I work with captive vampire bats at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. I aim to test if and how partner choice and individual differences in cooperative behavior affect the formation of new social bonds between strangers. I believe strongly that teaching, mentorship, and science communication should be accessible, effective, and fun.

Julia Vrtilek
I am starting a Ph.D. in the Carter Lab in Autumn 2020. I am interested in the evolution of social behaviors, particularly cooperation, communication, and social learning.

Research Assistants

Grace Smith-Vidaurre (website)
I am currently a PhD candidate in Tim Wright’s lab at New Mexico State University. I’m evaluating patterns of variation in vampire bat contact calls, and comparing these patterns to genetic relatedness and social interactions among bats. My PhD research focuses on how genetic processes contribute to invasion, and how vocal learning processes change after invasion in monk parakeets. I have also contributed to the development of free bioacoustics software, and questions about learned vocal and visual signals in other species. I’ll be joining Erich Jarvis’s lab at the Rockefeller University and Elizabeth Hobson’s lab at the University of Cinncinati as an NSF postdoc fellow in 2021. My postdoc research will address epigenetic underpinnings of vocal learning that are sensitive to the early-life environment, and I’m excited to continue the vampire bat collaboration throughout this postdoc.


Emma Kline (with Micronycteris microtis)
I’m studying ecology and evolution. I’ve been with the lab since the end of 2018. I’m currently investigating how long it takes vampire bats to habituate to wearing proximity loggers. 

Tatyana Sopka 
I am majoring in Zoology and minoring in Environmental Science. I joined the lab in August of 2019. I am currently working on a project on whether mouth-licking serves other functions aside from food sharing in vampire bats.

Molly Lynch 
I am studying evolution and ecology. I joined the lab in 2019 and am excited to begin working on a research project. I am thrilled to be a part of this lab and have the opportunity to learn from such great people.

Osric Wong 
I am majoring in Zoology. I joined the lab in the winter of 2019 and I will be working on a research project. I am currently exploring the world of science through helping with research and I am excited to work in the field.

Eleanor Cronin
I am majoring in Biology. I joined the lab in the fall of 2019 as a freshman. I am not currently working on a project but I am hoping to begin one this coming fall. 

Keely Hopp 
I am majoring in Evolution and Ecology. I joined the lab in spring 2020 and hope to begin a project in the fall. I am excited to learn as much as I can from my experiences in this lab.

Nathan Zimovan
I am majoring in Zoology with a minor in Education and joined the lab in Spring 2020. I have an interest in becoming involved with research in the lab. My background is in animal care and conservation/outdoor education.

Raven Hatman
I joined the lab Summer 2020, and am pursuing a BS in zoology. Previously, I obtained a BS in aerospace engineering with a minor in mathematics and an MS in aerospace engineering with a focus on control theory from the University of Cincinnati. Currently interested in studying animal behavior and potentially applying my knowledge of mathematics and sensory information to a new field.

Main collaborators

  • Rachel Page (Staff Scientist, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) — bat cognitive ecology
  • Damien Farine (PI, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology) — social behavior
  • Alex Ophir (Faculty, Cornell) — neuroethology
  • Angela Freeman (Postdoc, Cornell) — neuroethology
  • Sebastian Stockmaier (PhD student, UT Austin) — sickness and sociality
  • Aura Raulo (PhD student, Oxford) — microbiomes and sociality
  • Karthik Yarlagadda (PhD student, U Illinois) — microbiomes and sociality
  • Elsa M. Cárdenas Canales, DVM (PhD student, University of Wisconsin-Madison) — rabies
  • Liz Hobson (Assistant Professor, U Cincinnati) — social networks
  • Cynthia Marroquin (MSc student, Ohio State) — metabolic rate variation

Alumni Carter Lab at Ohio State:

  • David Girbino (2018-2020)
  • Jessica Nystrom (2019-2020)

‘Team Vampire’ members at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute:

  • Dineilys Aparicio (2019)
  • Lovisa Duck (2019)
  • Darija Josic (2017)
  • Samuel Kaiser (2017)
  • Jineth Berrio-Martinez (2017)
  • Katharina Eggert (2017)
  • Nia Toshkova (2017)
  • Hugo Narizano (2016)
  • Julia Vrtilek (2016-2017)
  • Ellen Jacobs (2016)
  • Rachel Moon (2016)
  • Yelitza Garcia (2016)
  • Emily Dong (2016)
  • Yesenia Valverde (2016)
  • Rachel Crisp (2016- 2017)
  • Sebastian Stockmaier (2016-2017)
  • Jana Nowatzki (Spring 2016)

Past research assistants at University of Maryland:

  • Erik Kim (Spring 2013)
  • Edward Hurme (Summer 2013)
  • Micah Miles (2013)
  • Lauren Leffer (2013- 2014)
  • Collin Mummert (Spring 2012)
  • Anna Jiang (Fall 2011)
  • Tanya Tran (Fall 2011)
  • Alex Lundy (Summer and Fall 2011)
  • Ryane Logsdon (Summer 2011)
  • Adi Shaked (Fall 2010)

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