Principal Investigator

Carter_picGerry Carter (CV) studies social relationships in vampire bats. He is currently a Humboldt Fellow at Max Planck Department of Collective Behavior, and will be an Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology in Fall 2018.


Graduate Students

brownBridget Brown (B.Sc. from Ohio State University) previously worked as the bat survey coordinator at the Ohio Division of Wildlife, monitoring bat activity and diversity using acoustic and roost surveys. She also has research experience from Paraguay in movement ecology. She is interested in behavioral ecology, particularly movement and roosting ecology.


Headshot Theresa Chen (B.A. from Amherst College) studied the effects of artificial light at night on the aggression song of field crickets for senior research project. She also has research experience on physiology, behavior, and fitness in passerine birds. She is broadly interested in animal social behavior and cognition. She is a recipient of a Dean’s Distinguished University Fellowship from OSU.


Imran PhotoImran Razik (B.Sc. from SUNY Oswego) studied seasonality in the activity and foraging of beavers for his honors thesis. He also helped with research on responses to predation risk and social calls in disc-winged bats, foraging in flying squirrels, and same-sex courtship in fruit flies. Imran is particularly interested in understanding the evolution of social strategies and other forms of behavioral plasticity. He is a recipient of a Graduate Enrichment Fellowship from OSU.


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