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Acoustic-GPS pilot tests with frog-eating bats

I just arrived in Panama and I’m very excited to be here. I recently joined a collaboration between Rachel Page’s lab in Gamboa, Panama and Yossi Yovel’s lab in Tel Aviv Israel. Rachel studies the fringe-lipped or frog-eating bat, Trachops … Continue reading

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Does neocortex size predict social grooming in bats?

The social brain hypothesis predicts that species with larger neocortex volume for their body size should possess more social complexity [1]. Does this apply to bats? It’s not really clear. Wilkinson [2] found that relative cortex volume did not correlate with … Continue reading

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The best popular science books? My picks.

One of the most frequently read posts on this website was my review of E.O. Wilson’s ambitious but flawed book Social Conquest of the Earth. But there are many more popular science books that I really love! So that’s what I”m writing about … Continue reading

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