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I study the behavioral, sensory, and social ecology of vampire bats.

New preprint: Evidence for unfamiliar kin recognition in vampire bats

… by Simon Ripperger, Rachel Page, Frieder Mayer, and Gerry Carter. I would love to get early feedback on this one, so please email me if you have any. We submitted it to Biology Letters. Here’s the preprint (what’s a … Continue reading

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Vote for our lab! You can vote every day until Dec 31!

The study from our previous post was selected as one of the 5 competitors for “Coolest Science Story of the Year” at The Ohio State University. LINK: Please vote for us and spread the word! Everyone can actually vote multiple times: … Continue reading

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New paper: Vampire bats that cooperate in the lab maintain their social networks in the wild

Here’s the paper in Current Biology. The press coverage included PBS, CNN, NPR , BBC, Nature Magazine, Science Magazine, Science News, Popular Science, The Ohio State University, Cosmos Magazine, Wissenschaft, El Mundo, ZME Science, SciShow, and EurekaAlert Press release (video … Continue reading

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Latest paper suggests there are two kinds social grooming in vampire bats (and some other updates)

A recent paper from our group (Team Vampire 2017) suggests that vampire bats might perform two different kinds of social grooming. First, a focal vampire bat is more likely to start allogrooming a bat next to them right after grooming … Continue reading

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New Course

I’m also now officially a Research Associate at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

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Can a captive-born vampire bat feed on a live animal?

In 2016 and 2017, we captured female vampire bats and then released them back into the wild almost two years later to track their wild association networks. During their time in captivity, 12 of the females gave birth to pups. … Continue reading

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Lab updates: July 2019

At the end of May, Rachelle Adams and I finished teaching the course “Tropical Behavioral Ecology and Evolution” in Panama. Each student worked on an individual research project and also wrote a blog post about another student’s project. In June, … Continue reading

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