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I study the behavioral, sensory, and social ecology of vampire bats.

Some advice for grad students

With my new lab starting in Fall 2018, I am now interested in prospective graduate students and postdocs. More information on how to apply here. Below are some of my thoughts and advice on applying to graduate schools and being a … Continue reading

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Team Vampire, Spring 2017

Katharina Eggert is from Germany and visited STRI from March until May 2017. She helped with a broad variety of projects including scoring cooperation in vampire bats, maintaining a system of monitoring bat roosts, and measuring exploration of novel objects … Continue reading

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Should we wipe out vampire bats?

Adam Cole from NPR visited our lab to shoot this great video short on human-vampire bat conflict. So “should we wipe out vampire bats?” No, even if we could, we shouldn’t try, and frankly, nobody is actually suggesting exterminating vampire … Continue reading

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Latest paper: social bet-hedging in vampire bats (and two other recent and related studies)

Our latest paper here.  Also some early press here. There are actually three recent papers on social networks and the benefits of network size in primates (by Laurent Brent and co-authors), songbirds (by Josh Firth and co-authors), and bats (by me … Continue reading

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Latest paper: Reproductive seasonality, sex ratio and philopatry in Argentina’s common vampire bats

It can be found here. Summary: 35 years of field observations 13,642 mist-net captures and 181 whole roost captures vampire bats in Argentina (near the southern limit of their range) have a reproductive season (unlike most other places) we have … Continue reading

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A new field site in Panama

I am hoping to develop some new long-term field sites for future work on vampire bats. On March 27, I traveled with Austin Garrido, Rob Mies (director of the Organization for Bat Conservation), his daughter Georgia Mies, and labmates May Dixon, … Continue reading

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Update: three golden opportunities

Now – October 2017, the Smithsonian Institute has awarded me with a fellowship to finish collecting data from lab and field experiments on vampire bat social behavior with Rachel Page at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. November 2017 – August 2018, … Continue reading

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