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Jan 14, Bambi Seminar, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Barro Colorado Island, Panama — “The Reciprocity Controversy” Jan 19, talk at University of Washington, Psychology Department — “Why do vampire bats share food?” Jan 20, talk at University of Washington, Psych Dept, … Continue reading

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Field notes on vampire catching

Dec 12, 2015 I caught my first group of common vampire bats and brought them to the field station. It was important that all the females I captured came from the same roost. At 5:52 pm on Dec 12, 2015, … Continue reading

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VampCam featured at Smithsonian and some recent papers

The VampCam is being featured on the STRI website frontpage. There’s an inaccuracy though– it gives the wrong name of the authors on the study they discuss. I did that social grooming study in collaboration with the Organization for Bat Conservation … Continue reading

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Talk today (Aug 31) at Cambridge

Talk: Cooperative food-sharing in the vampire bat Today! Monday August 31st @ 3 PM Location: Zoology Part II Lecture Theatre, Cambridge University, Downing Street, Cambridge, UK CB2 3EJ Map Thanks to Neeltje for organizing this talk.

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Know any bat biologists looking for a postdoc position?

Do you know anyone who might be interested in a position studying the foraging behavior of frog-eating bats? If so, keep reading this update to my last post. First, some background: the position is working with two of the best young … Continue reading

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Recent Updates

My defense talk is April 8th 2-3pm. See my previous post below. I recently analyzed my playback data and found that vampire bats are more attracted to the calls of high donors vs low donors of similar sex and low … Continue reading

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Dissertation defense talk date and time

I submitted my dissertation to my doctoral committee. If interested, you can read my submitted draft here (note: this link is temporary until my official approved dissertation is published by the school). There are 4 chapters: 1) my reciprocity review paper, 2) my … Continue reading

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