Ten fundraising days left on Petridish.org

A few updates:

1. I’ve started building the flight cage to house the vampire bats and I’ve identified places where we can get cow blood near campus.

2. Our first small publication related to this project is scheduled to be published in about a week. It’s a study on the complexity of the contact calls the 3 species of vampire bats produce when they have been separated from their roostmates. I will send the link when it’s published online.

3. I’ve started wrapping up the data analysis and started writing my first major paper on cooperative food sharing based on the data I’ve collected during my first 3 years in Trinidad, Belize, and at The Organization for Bat Conservation in Michigan. That work was funded completely with several small grants of $2000 or less (a lot can be done with a few thousand dollars).

4. We have only 10 days left and 589 dollars needed to reach our goal! With this money, we can support the vampire bats we are bringing here from the Chicago Brookfield Zoo. Please help spread the word!

A huge thank you to all who have supported my project thus far! I’m surprised and inspired by your interest in my project. I hope the rewards I send and findings I report will delight and fascinate you. Thank you again!

One thought on “Ten fundraising days left on Petridish.org

  1. Thank you for the important work that you are doing. I am very interested in reading your paper. Now where is my debit card…. đŸ˜‰


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