Red bats foraging

Tonight I watched 3-4 Eastern red bats foraging by the streetlight outside our house. This spectacle has been occurring every night lately. Absolutely beautiful. I will never look at hunting red bats the same after seeing Jesse Barber‘s hi-speed footage of red bats capturing moths.


English: Eastern red bat (Lasiurus borealis), ...
Eastern red bat (Lasiurus borealis) roosting in a tree with pup. They look a bit like dead leaves from a distance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3 thoughts on “Red bats foraging

    1. Hi Mary, I used a bright spotlight. I was a bit afraid of scaring them off, but to the contrary, the spotlight gathered moths around me and caused the bats to dive and catch moths right in front of my face, which was amazing, something I’ll always remember. I think they are indeed among the most strikingly beautiful animals in North America, especially the pattern on their wings. Have you see Bill Durham’s photos? I linked to some of his pics in the “Eastern red bats” (first link in the text). I love red bats!


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