Recent Updates

Micah Miles
Micah in the field holding a whiptail

My defense talk is April 8th 2-3pm. See my previous post below.

I recently analyzed my playback data and found that vampire bats are more attracted to the calls of high donors vs low donors of similar sex and low relatedness. More soon…

Micah Miles (right) was one of the undergraduate assistants who helped me with my research on vampire bats. She was recently accepted into graduate school at University of Georgia to study effects of urbanization and climate change on salamander populations in the southern Appalachians. Congrats Micah!

Micah also informed me that a discussion on vampire bat food sharing was on the “front page of reddit”. I’m not really too familiar with reddit, but apparently it’s a popular website. The site says its “the front page of the internet” and vampire bat food sharing was on the front page of reddit, so I guess that means food-sharing in vampire bats was on the front page of the internet. So that’s neat.

I also just discovered this from almost 2 years ago: Vampires’ gift of ‘blood honey’

Some recent papers of interest:

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