VampCam featured at Smithsonian and some recent papers

The VampCam is being featured on the STRI website frontpage. There’s an inaccuracy though– it gives the wrong name of the authors on the study they discuss. I did that social grooming study in collaboration with the Organization for Bat Conservation and co-author Lauren Leffer, an undergraduate at the University of Maryland.

I’ve been in Gamboa, Panama at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) for a few months now and I love it here! One of the best aspects is simply being around so many brilliant biologists who work here and are also coming and going throughout the year. Here’s a neat video about STRI:

There has been a lot of neat studies on cooperation and reciprocity recently. Here are some recent and relevant ones.

From the Taborksy Lab…

There’s a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B on “Solving the puzzle of collective action through inter-individual differences: evidence from primates and humans

Also, just a few more:

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