• Jan 14, Bambi Seminar, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Barro Colorado Island, Panama — “The Reciprocity Controversy”
  • Jan 19, talk at University of Washington, Psychology Department — “Why do vampire bats share food?”
  • Jan 20, talk at University of Washington, Psych Dept, Animal Behavior Group — “Reciprocity with and without social bonding”
  • Feb 8-9, I’ll be at University of Toronto, where I was just hired as a Postdoctoral Fellow by Dr. John Ratcliffe. John is a cognitive ecologist, which means he studies how natural selection shapes cognitive traits. For example, he showed that, unlike other animals yet studied, vampire bats don’t form taste aversions because live blood can’t be adulterated or toxic, and he has done interesting work (with me and others) supporting the notion that a bat’s foraging ecology can shape how it learns. While working for John, I’ll remain at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama with my study colony of common vampire bats.


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