Sketchy science: open access is the solution, not the problem.

More and more science is becoming freely available to the public, or open access (OA). I love the movement towards OA, mainly because I like to be able to find and read papers online, even when I'm not on campus. I like being able to use the internet as my interconnected library of science articles, … Continue reading Sketchy science: open access is the solution, not the problem.

Researchers, post your work online

I just submitted an invited review of the evidence of reciprocity in vampire bat food sharing. This allowed me to get out a bunch of data from unpublished studies, most of which were negative results from groups of vampire bats that did not share food with each other. Publishing negative results is important, especially as the difficulty … Continue reading Researchers, post your work online

Richard Dawkins and good writing

A couple of posts ago, I wrote a review of E. O. Wilson's recent book on the evolution of human and insect cooperation, The Social Conquest of Earth. Someone pointed out to me recently that Richard Dawkins, one of the best science writers alive today, later wrote one himself here. Although we both wrote a negative … Continue reading Richard Dawkins and good writing