Updates for January 2022

Some recent news from our lab:

  • Former undergraduate lab member Emma Kline published her research project entitled “Habituation of common vampire bats to biologgers” in the open-access journal Royal Society Open Science. Emma showed that vampire bats habituate to proximity sensors if they are securely attached; however, they spend much of their time trying to remove the tag when first attached and after it becomes loose before it falls off.
Hourly rates of grooming directed at an attached biologger (brown) and the bat’s own body (green)
  • PhD candidate Imran Razik finished a manuscript entitled Forced proximity promotes the formation of enduring cooperative relationships in vampire bats“. Imran is now in Panama conducting a year-long experiment testing for partner choice during social bonding in vampire bats.
  • Postdoc Basti Stockmaier was recently chosen for The Ohio State University’s President’s Postdoctoral Scholars Program. This fellowship gives him a year of direct funding from the university. Basti is now in Panama conducting experiments tracking the rate of contacts between vampire bats and co-roosting fruit bats.
  • Postdoc May Dixon joined our lab. During her PhD with Mike Ryan and Rachel Page, May studied the extent to which behaviors and cognitive traits (like habituation and long-term memory) might be adapted for the different needs of related, but ecologically divergent, bat species.
  • I recently gave a seminar at UCLA’s Center for Behavior, Evolution, and Culture, summarizing our lab’s work on vampire bats (available on Youtube).

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