Latest paper: Reproductive seasonality, sex ratio and philopatry in Argentina’s common vampire bats

It can be found here.


  • 35 years of field observations
  • 13,642 mist-net captures and 181 whole roost captures
  • vampire bats in Argentina (near the southern limit of their range) have a reproductive season (unlike most other places)
  • we have new records for oldest wild vampire bats: 16 and 17 years
  • we corroborated prior evidence of male-biased dispersal and female philopatry
  • once settled in a location, adults of both sexes can spend years and perhaps their lifetime at the same site
  • despite frequent disturbance, vampire bats readily roosted in man-made structures
  • males feed earlier in the night
  • males visit female roosts at night (returning to their own roosts by day), but females also visit male roosts
  • 82% of vampires captured in mist nets were in the bottom half near the ground
  • we found evidence of a consistent male-biased sex ratio even among newborns and mature fetuses (reason unknown!)

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