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The best popular science books? My picks.

One of the most frequently read posts on this website was my review of E.O. Wilson’s ambitious but flawed book Social Conquest of the Earth. But there are many more popular science books that I really love! So that’s what I”m writing about … Continue reading

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Studying bat pollination in Thailand

My friend Alyssa Stewart studies bat pollination in Thailand. I visited her this December to help* her with one of her dissertation chapters and to do a small study of our own. Alyssa is studying just how good the flower-visiting … Continue reading

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Recent and relevant papers– July 23, 2014

Niche-specific cognitive strategies: object memory interferes with spatial memory in the predatory bat, Myotis nattereri (Journal of Experimental Biology)– Fruit and flower bats tend to use spatial memory over shape because those foods don’t move. But insect-eating bats tend to do the … Continue reading

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Foraging big brown bats use social calls to ward off competitors

Genni Wright has been studying social calls by flying big brown bats. She found that males produce distinct calls when foraging for food, and that they use these social calls to ward off competitors and claim aerial insects. Prey defense … Continue reading

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Video on white-nose syndrome

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Talks on analysis of animal vocal sequences

Videos of talks from the NIMBioS Analyzing Animal Vocal Sequences Workshop that I attended are being posted here.

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The scientific pleasures of ignorance (and other big picture stuff)

This blogpost grows out of a number of recent conversations about “science”– what it is, how to do it, and why. Whenever my research involves truly boring, tedious things (like scoring hours of video footage), my mind starts to wander … Continue reading

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